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Alaskan Flower Energy Cards


A gorgeous set of 72 Alaskan flower essence cards.  Stunning pictures on the front and, on the reverse, the name of the flower, the latin name, keywords for the essence and affirmations.

Price: 31.25 (37.50 Inc. VAT)

Australian Bush Animal Healing Book


A must read book for animal lovers everywhere, ANIMAL HEALING with AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER ESSENCES gives very practical hints for keeping your animals fit and happy as well as dealing with their problems of health and behaviour.

This carefully researched book gives extraordinary insights into the emotional world of your animals and explores the healing powers of Australian Bush Flower Essences.

There will be £1.50 extra postage on this book, due to it's size.
Price: 21.95

Australian Bush Flower Essences Book


In AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER ESSENCES Ian gives an informative and personal picture of the first fifty Bush Flower Essences which includes the unique story behind each Essence and its use in all areas of healing. Beautifully illustrated with photos of the individual flowers this book also covers chapters on:

• History and philosophy of Flower Essences
• How Flower Essences work
• How to make, prepare and take an Essence
• Using the Essences with other modalities such as Numerology, Kinesiology and Age Regression
• Sexuality and the Bush Essences
• Meditation and the Bush Essences
• An index of illnesses and their treatment.

There will be £1.50 extra postage on this book, due to it's size.
Price: 12.95
Out of Stock

Australian Bush Flower Remedies Booklet


A concise illustrated reference summary of each of the 69 Bush Essences together with all the Combinations.

This book is available individually and is also included as a complimentary addition in the Australian Bush Flower Essence Stock Kit.
Price: 8.95
Out of Stock

Bush Flower Healing Book


The long awaited companion volume to Ian White's bestselling Australian Bush Flower Essences, first published in 1991 and still the authoritative book in the field. This second book, Australian Bush Flower Healing, covers the 12 Essences that were developed after his first book was published. This text is also fully illustrated and contains stunning photos of not only the new Bush Essence flowers, but also landscapes of the areas where they grow. One of the most valuable aspects of this book is the extensive repertory of emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. This index is a wonderful reference point when researching or selecting a Bush Essence.

There will be £2 extra postage on this book, due to it's size.
Price: 29.00
Out of Stock

Bush Level 2 Workshop DVD SPECIAL ORDER


Via this set of 4 DVDs, you can now:

  1. Have all the Level 2 workshop material at your fingertips
  2. Access material not found in Ian White's books
  3. Watch the workshop in the comfort of your own home - as often as you want

Share the unique experience of Ian's two-day Level 2 workshop, which includes these topics:

  • An in-depth analysis of 21 Bush Essences
  • Inspiring new research and developments
  • Discovering and learning how to master the Five Steps of Abundance
  • Sharing and discussion of case histories
  • Open forum and question time
  • Energy and Flower Attunements
  • Working with and tuning into Nature Spirits and Devas together with their crucial role in a plant's life cycle
  • Exploring and expanding on emotional issues relating to themes such as sexuality, anger, sadness, spirituality
  • Guided meditations and artwork
Price: 166.66 (199.99 Inc. VAT)
Out of Stock

Dosage Labels - Bush Flower Essences


For practitioners wishing to make up dosage essences requiring a professional label. Pack contains 25 labels.

Price: 2.08 (2.50 Inc. VAT)

Dropper Bottle


30ml Cobalt Blue Dosage Bottle with tamper-evident top.

Price: 1.50 (1.80 Inc. VAT)
Out of Stock

Flower Essence Repertory - SPECIAL ORDER (please contact (01252) 327913)


The definitive work on 103 FES North American flower essences and 39 flower remedies of Dr. Edward Bach, written by FES co-directors Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski. Contains a very brief overview of flower essence theory and practice; flower essences categorized by soul issues as an aid in essence selection; and in-depth descriptions of each remedy. Special reprint edition; large format. 306 pages.

There will be £1.50 extra postage on this book, due to it's size and weight.
Price: 25.00
Out of Stock

From Bagels to Curry by Lila Devi


From Bagels to Curry is a spiritual memoir of struggle and triumph as an example of approaching our most difficult tragedies in a positive light.


Price: 11.50

Happy Healthy Kids


Ian White's 5th book traces a child's physical, emotional and spiritual development from pre-conception to age 7.

250 pages of accessible, easy to use, practical advice, helpful case histories and:
  • easy to implement solutions and essence suggestions
  • covers everyday ailments 
  • helps with emotional challenges such as shyness and lack of confidence
There will be £1.50 extra postage on this book, due to it's size.
Price: 21.95
Out of Stock

Insight Cards - Australian Bush Insight Cards


An outstanding pictorial collection of our Australian Bush Flower Essences meticulously photographed by Ian White.
Designed to provide greater insights into the profound healing qualities of these stunning Australian species.

Price: 29.79 (35.75 Inc. VAT)

Into the Heart of the Wild


Into the Heart of the Wild is the first book about the Wild Earth Animal Essences, a unique line of vibrational remedies that support those who use them with the wisdom and power of wild animals. The book is written by Daniel Mapel, M.A., the founder and developer of the animal essences and it is intended to serve as an introductory manual for their use.
Price: 8.95

Miscellaneous item not for sale


Price: 33.33 (40.00 Inc. VAT)



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Price: 2.63 (3.15 Inc. VAT)
Out of Stock

Vegetable Glycerin 120ml
Price: 5.08 (6.10 Inc. VAT)

W300: Bush Correspondence Course


Study the Bush Essences in your own time and at your own pace: 10 modules with regular on-going assessments, assignments and direct contact with your personal Bush Essence tutor...

Price: 291.67 (350.00 Inc. VAT)

White Light Essences Booklet


Ian White’s new book “White Light Essence”, takes you on a magical journey to some of the worlds most sacred sites where you will experience the making of these vibrational Essences. These breath taking panoramas have been exquisitely captured in the colour photographs which accompany the text. The book will lead you through each essence’s unique spiritual and soul healing qualities which can be utilised in both personal and practitioner application.
Price: 16.95